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97/04/04 La Connessione Ceredo FA 1st RP ***
07/03/03 L'aeroplano Bismantova / Moby Dick FA It was the first RP. Super nice route, very few repeats since then ***
96/10/27 Anima mundi 8b,8b+ Ceredo FA 1st Rotpunkt of the route ***
96/04/22 Supermaratona Massone   Quite harder than Maratona, 2 tries after Maratona RP the previous day ***
97/09/25 Open area Massone   4 tries, not so easy **
97/04/18 Fiorirosa Bismantova / Banana FA 1st RP of this beautiful line, maybe the finest 8b of the crag. Try it on sight! ***
96/11/12 Mrtvaski ples Misja Pec   4th go, one day ***
96/04/22 Maratona 8b,8b+ Arco / Massone     ***
95/11/26 Australia Ceredo     ***
95/10/14 La notte Covolo   4 tries ***
95/09/30 Balla coi lupi 8a+,8b Covolo Second GO Nice resi route ***
95/09/26 Shamira Gabellaccia   3rd go, one day ***
95/09/12 Il ritorno di Ringo Erto     ***
95/03/18 Dies Irae Ceredo     ***
95/01/12 Il falco 8a,8b Lumignano / brojon   1st Rp of the route **
94/02/12 Ostramandra Ceredo   The hardest 8b in Ceredo ***
93/12/05 Gladio Bismantova / moby Dick FA 1st RP of the route, big roof from start to end ***
93/04/17 *Ultrakreuz Bismantova / Gare nuove FA Poorly/Mainly chipped 1st RP. Big resi for fingers ***
93/03/07 *Cadavere in arrivo Bismantova / gare nuove FA Poorly/Mainly chipped 1st RP. First section resi, technical after ***
91/09/07 *Costruzione di un amore Bismantova / Pilone Giallo FA Poorly/Mainly chipped !st RP ***
08/10/26 Hermann il terribile Gole del Melfa / Regalo di natale Second GO Nice crags, fake "forbidden" panels on the road to get there ***
08/10/04 38 Madonna della Rota     ***
08/09/27 Zeiss Sengio Rosso   3rd go, one day ***
05/01/04 Turkish airways 8a,8a+ Geyik bayiri   3rd go ***
99/11/18 Intrepido pallino 8a,8a+ Fonzaso Second GO   ***
99/08/18 *C'è chi dice no Pian schiavaneis Second GO Poorly/Mainly chipped  **
99/08/12 Gremlin 8a+,8b Mezzegra Second GO   **
98/07/20 Doc Onore   3rd go, long roof with some knee jams ***
97/12/30 gelida 8a+,8b Ceredo FA 1st Rp of the route **
97/11/18 Noà la chasse 7b+,8a+ Bismantova / banana FA It was the 1st Rp of the route, very nice, all natural. Afterwards a stupid guy chipped the cruxes, and now it's a shame of a 7b+ ***
96/11/06 L'eterno riposo Ceredo FA 1st Rp of the route ***
96/09/16 La morte nera Valle dei Mulini   3rd go, one day. Bouldery crux ***
96/09/03 *Diamant d'innocence Figuerolles Second GO Poorly/Mainly chipped Super nice spot just above the sea; some holds are stones glued to the cave... **
96/08/09 Incubo capriccioso Farenzena di Agordo Second GO slightly overhanging ***
96/08/08 Jinetes de la locura 8a,8a+ Valdehuesa   Little bulge, supernice technical crag ***
95/12/16 idrospeed Ceredo   !st Rp after the break of one big tufa **
95/12/15 Ocean size

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