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95/12/15 Ocean size Ceredo / Pec Blenda FA 1st RP of the route ***
95/12/11 Aziun direta Bismantova / Cocoa FA !st RP; fine line; after hold break on crux should be 8b ***
95/11/30 Magnificat Ceredo   Boulder problem **
95/11/13 Rotabile Madonna della Rota FA 1st RP of the route. boulder section **
95/11/07 Shanda Bismantova / gare vecchie FA 1st RP; small and slipery holds **
95/10/19 So Sexi 6c,8a,8a+ Ferentillo     **
95/08/12 Calabruix 8a,8a+,8b Montgrony   Excellent route, awesome place, it was a fresh August ***
94/12/29 La zona morta Grotti Second GO Nice but very blessing for fingers ***
94/12/12 Apokatastasis 7c+,8a+ Ceredo   Almost 40 meters long, it's two 7c+ in sequence ***
94/11/30 Il toro di pianiga Lumignano / brojon     *
94/10/27 Scontro finale Ceredo     ***
94/08/04 Attenti al buco Laste Second GO Nice slab line ***
94/06/25 Niente e così sia Verzegnis Second GO Nice route on black rock ***
94/06/23 L'extemporanee St. Loup Second GO Nice slab route, very crimpy ***
93/04/03 Aspettando manolo Bismantova / Moby Dick FA 1st RP; big jump crux **
91/09/28 *Don Bettino Bismantova / Sasso sul sentiero FA Poorly/Mainly chipped !st RP *
09/04/05 Wyoming sheep ranch BarGHE / BARGHE   nice short resi problem, good for OS seekers **
09/03/27 Giulia amore mio Madonna della Rota   3rd go, blinded during 1st go, good chance for onsighters; respect the house's roof ***
09/03/23 *echelon Gajum   Poorly/Mainly chipped distant holds with a nice and more technical natural exit **
09/03/16 *Lussuria Bauso rosso   Poorly/Mainly chipped 2 tries years ago, 2 today; 10 powerful moves, not my kind *
09/03/14 Mega Dave Crown of Aragon   Nice line throught small tufas and holes. Nicest crag in Sicily ***
09/03/09 *Zelig first act Gajum   Poorly/Mainly chipped 4th go, one day **
09/02/21 wonderwall Ceredo   tired, took some tries in one day, sent almost at night **
09/02/16 Alice springs Terminal Second GO hard on sight ***
09/01/15 Pepe el boludo 7b+,7c+,8a El Chorro / makinodromo   Nice long route, extremely polished ***
09/01/14 Porrot 7c+,8a El Chorro   Didn't find the best methods on the crux, so it was a great fight ***
09/01/13 Talibania 7b,7c,7c+,8a El Chorro / poema roca   40mtrs until the third belay; found a bit wet on the hard section ***
09/01/12 Supertiri Villanueva del cauche / Yugoslavia   3rd go, one day, various fingering all along the crux section ***
09/01/09 Rima Libre 7b+,7c+,8a El Chorro   Questa la facevano a vista anche i fratelli Abbagnale e io sono riuscito a sbagliarla :-) **
09/01/02 Lassù sulle nuvole Sengio Rosso   43mtrs with a short crux "up there in the clouds". Pay attention belaying even with 80mtrs rope. In the first part space flights chances... **
08/12/28 Bollicine Narango / Tarsilandia   Nice tech route, skipped the onsight at the very end... ***
08/12/21 E' inutile sognare Arco / San Siro Second GO   **
08/12/01 Trio Ternura 8a,8a+,8b,8b+,8c Santa Linya Second GO Not my favourite kind, thanks Vic for easier methods **
08/11/23 Apache Cornalba Hard Bruno Tassi climbed it RP back in '87. Great stuff if we think he did it with old Mariacher shoes and the route everywhere else would be 8a+ ***
08/11/04 Top Ten Vraca / Small Cave Second GO My first time in Bulgaria; nice crags, great potential **
08/10/25 La mia nuova fidanzata Sperlonga / Grotta dell'Arenauta   3rd go one day **
08/10/19 Red shift San Pellegrino / Sottocorna Second GO no chalk found upon, nice and little spot. **
08/10/11 Punto nero plus

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